When does one need root canal treatment.

  • Injury or a physical blow to a tooth or a constant striking of a tooth from the opposite Jaw could injure the tooth.
  • Physical irritation: a deep decay or a very large filling regardless of the initial cause the tooth pulp becomes irritated and abscess or infection occurs, bacteria grow inside the pulp, which causes pressure and pain.

What Happens in root canal treatment:- An x-ray of the tooth is done and once the treatment is decided more appointments are scheduled. It is important to keep these appointments and also to take the medication prescribed to hasten and reduce swelling

  • The tooth is numbered with a local anesthesia.
  • An opening is made through the crown of the tooth into the pulp which is then cleaned, enlarged and shaped.
  • A filling is placed in the tooth between these appointments.
  • The root canal and the pulp chamber are permanently filled and sealed.