What We Offer

At Positive dental, all dental procedures from basic to advanced are provided under one roof. The dental care provided is of the most supreme standards taking advantage of all the recent advances in dentistry. During all procedures, our strict standards ensures that there is no compromise on all aspects of form, function, aesthetics, hygiene and sterilization of each and every service provided by us. Our minute attention to detail on all these aspects ensures that all our patients are benefited in terms of sound and long lasting dental treatments. During the first consultation, you oral status will be thoroughly assessed by our dentists, following which you will be educated regarding your current status using our digital intra oral cameras. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the work required, the cost incurred and the time duration. You can choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your time and budget.


It is the branch of Dental Surgery, which treats disorders of the nerve (pulp) of the tooth.


This is the branch of dental surgery which deals with the replacement of teeth and maxillofacial structures


This branch of dentistry deals with the surgical treatments of jaw diseases.


Orthodontics is a treatment of irregular and misaligns teeth.


This branch of dentistry deals with treatment of the gum diseases, which if not prevented and taken care at the right time can result in bleeding.


This branch of dentistry deals with the prevention and treatment of dental diseases in children


This has become a very in demanding area of dentistry because of the need to look good and have a brilliant smile.


LASER Bleaching is one of the most advanced, widely accepted and effective tooth whitening methods in current use.


Dental LASER surgery uses a beam of intense light to correct your dental problems.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.