Welcome to an unique experience of dental care- Positive Dental

Positive Dental has been formed with a unique concept of providing the highest quality Dental services at affordable prices through a chain of dental care centers located in the prime areas of Hyderabad.

Positive Dental Clinics are furnished with the latest equipments & state of art technology in the field of dentistry. Since its very inception, the clinics have a marked recognition of providing the top class dental care – be it preventive, curative, or aesthetic, to its patients.

The Positive Dental Clinics providing a wide range of dental services give you a truly unique experience in dental care, by deploying the most technically advanced systems and the best customer service. Based in different locations of Hyderabad, our practice sets the standard for excellence in hygienic standards in the field of dentistry by following all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control matching international standards.

At Positive Dental, we strive to give a unique experience by providing the highest level of dentistry, outstanding customer service, the latest dental technology and equipment, all in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and filled with care and concern. With the in house general anesthesia centers and state of art anesthesia monitoring equipment, we provide sedation dentistry to make your treatment pain and fear free. There is undoubtedly no hesitation in saying that the practice is equipped with the latest dental facilities and technology to provide you with world class dental care and make your visit as delightful as possible.

Mission: Our mission is to give an ordinary citizen a chance to be treated with world class dentistry services.

Vision: To be the finest dental service provider by creating a unique path in the field of dentistry.

Moving towards the future idea: Positive dental works on the concept of providing expertise in various specialties in dental surgery to provide world class dental care to the patients. We strive to deliver the best diagnosis, treatment and post treatment services that dentistry has to offer.

Objective: Our aspiration is to achieve “Cavity Free India”, as we believe this is only way by which whole India can smile healthily. Our approach is to bring back your oral health and smile on your face using all advanced and world class equipments.