To name a few of our sophisticated equipment, we have:

Our ability to provide the very best in modern dental care has been greatly enhanced by our in-house modern dental technology.

We pride ourselves on our continuing efforts to stay at the forefront of dental treatment advancements, ensuring that our patients are able to receive the most effective, efficient and comfortable treatments possible.

Our clinics are totally air conditioned with hygiene Conditions.

At our Clinic, we regard sterility standards at the highest level.

Our armamentarium includes:

  • Fiber optic aerators
  • Hot air sterilizer
  • Autoclaves
  • High volume Suctions
  • Computerized RVG X-Rays
  • Soft laser s for pain less surgeries
  • laser bleaching activators
  • Lead aprons (As Safety Measures for pregnant)
  • Advanced BPS Denture equipments
  • Ultrasonic Scaling